Crawford County Memorial Hospital

Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Signage Solution for Hospital Renovation

Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) is a 25-bed critical access hospital that provides inpatient, outpatient and diagnostic health services. Opened to the public in 1951, CCMH updated and modernized the hospital in 2010 and created a beautiful, state-of-the-art healthcare facility. As part of the modernization effort, CCMH refreshed its brand identity, including updated colors and a logo. The logo includes a signature S-shaped curve that signifies the Boyer River, a tributary of the Missouri River, that flows through the area served by the hospital.

About the Solution

To complement the newly renovated hospital, ASI, Nebraska provided a complete custom interior, exterior and donor recognition signage solution that integrates the updated CCMH brand identity. A large, custom donor recognition wall was placed in a primary area of the hospital to recognize key hospital contributors. The design intergrated large plate glass panels to signify the flowing river shape from the CCMH logo. Acrylic plates are directly adhered to the glass that blend with the hospitals color palette and recognize the different levels of giving.

For the interior wayfinding solution, ASI recommended Horizon due to its design flexiblilty and range of sign types to meet the signage needs throughout the hospital. Horizon, a curved face aluminum extrusion system, was designed to complement the interior environment with the selection of brown as the primary color scheme. The other sign elements, included the accent, remained in their natural anodized color, which resulted in an elegant solution that complements the interior environment.

For the exterior signage, ImageFirst™ fabricated a custom solution for the exterior campus utilizing post and panel and building wall mounts. Where appropriate the signage includes critical wayfinding information to direct visitors and guests to the correct area of the hospital and the CCMH brand identity is integrated.

The complete architectural signage solution effectively guides visitors, patients and staff throughout the facility, complements the architectural environment and reinforces the Crawford County Memorial Hospital brand.

Product Applications

Custom Aluminum Exterior Signage

Project Partners

ASI Signage Innovations, Nebraska

Crawford County Case Study Crawford County Case Study (254 KB)