Eastern Iowa Airport

End User: Eastern Iowa Airport, Cedar Rapids, IA
Architect: Architectural Alliance, Minneapolis, MN
Construction Manager: Howard R. Green Company, Cedar Rapids, IA
Environmental Graphic Designer: Dan VanWoert, Cedar Rapids, IA
Signs: Custom Aluminum & Fiberglass w/ Poured in Place Concrete Foundation
# of Signs: 30

Record-shattering ticket sales meant Eastern Iowa Airport needed to redesign their entire campus parking, including wayfinding signs, to handle increased traffic. They wanted creative signs, yet they also needed to be responsible financial stewards. ImageFirst’s custom signs made it easy for the airport to find savings, and made it easy for their passengers to find their way.

“This is a great example of how we are a one-stop solution,” said Michael Mc Keag, ImageFirst’s general manager. “From the initial stages where we suggested a fiberglass element that we could bulk manufacture to reduce costs, all the way to handling the installation and overseeing the necessary concrete work, we showed we are a partner as much as a manufacturer.”

That ability impressed both airport officials and the Environmental Graphic Designer, who appreciated the consultative approach.

The airport had worked with a sign designer to create a look that would coordinate and complement the airport’s entrance sign. ImageFirst was extremely willing to collaborate with the designer to create the final version,” said Sara Mau, Director of Operations at The Eastern Iowa Airport. “The company was very responsive as the project progressed and took the time to meticulously review all the plans, recommending possible improvements based on their experience. Their professionalism was outstanding, and they paid attention to the smallest detail of the signs.”

Designer Dan VanWoert said that being open to unusual projects and able to accurately execute his designs are the standards by which he judges sign companies, and ImageFirst showed they were a partner on which he could rely.

“ImageFirst meets those standards,” he said. “They listen to what needs to happen, contribute in the discussion of design details and are conscientious in trying to find manufacturing techniques to create the signs.”

In fact, ImageFirst’s experience in manufacturing helped them bid the project nearly 40 percent less than the estimated budget, and helped the designer realize his vision.

They have the expertise of working in aluminum or fiberglass which gives the designer tons of options when trying to meet design and budget criteria.

Dan VanWoert

“It’s not just about low prices – it’s about creative manufacturing and efficient project management,” Mc Keag noted.

Eastern Iowa Airport Case Study Eastern Iowa Airport Case Study (128 KB)