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The Sign that a Wholesale Sign Manufacturer Built (+VIDEO)

Thursday, October 24, 2019

“Please, after you...” Let’s face it, customers come first, it’s the same in the wholesale arena too. SO, when you’re a sign manufacturer and you need a new sign, you let your customers go first.  

While the process may take a little longer, because our customers take priority, but we did it...we finally did it. Our very own fresh & fabulous flex-face sign. 📹Scroll down for the video. 

From Fiberglass to Flex Face

If you follow us at all, you may know these 2 things: 
 1. We no longer offer standard fiberglass sign products. Read more here.
 2. We LOVE using Flex-Face for signage. Read more about Flex Face here or about Kinnick Stadium here.

We set out to replace our 10 year old fiberglass sign and began design for a new flex-face sign. Our typical lead times are MUCH shorter than it took for us to produce our own sign. Why is this you ask? Because we take care of our customers before ourselves. So, what would normally have taken 5-6 weeks in production was stretched to 6 months. What can we say? We like our customers! 

The Sign's Details

The previous sign was a curved-face fiberglass cabinet with an InStone base, which is a finish on a foam background, great for bases at the time we installed this sign and still great in appropriate environments. Today, we would use a DryVit texture on aluminum for this type of base. It’s a bit more durable in the long run.
The base of the new sign is aluminum with routed with push-through illuminated lettering that reads “Creative Sign Solutions,” then we used reflective vinyl for the “1001 Pinder Avenue” address. 
The Flex Face itself is digitally printed using Miratec Pure-Color Technology for best color for both night illumination and daytime visibility. The entire sign is illuminated with Principal LEDs. 

If you have questions or want more information on this or any sign, design, or product, you know where to find us...
 Right here 👉🏻

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