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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Anodized aluminum, ADA compliant, and a design that transcends time. Customize these signs to enhance your client's brand.

Meet, the Valere System – the pioneering solution for minimalist interior signage. Valere signs have flat surfaces with slim, attractive shapes that transcend time. With a convex curve of three degrees, Valere signs are easy to install and simple to update when new messaging is needed.

Design Elements

  • Valere signage provides a distinct aesthetic:
  • Minimal framing for a clean, modern look
  • Efficient design for greater messaging space
  • Stunning accents with versatile coloring and composition
  • An array of fully decorated sign types to choose from

Product Features

  • All Valere products are created to maximize signage effectiveness
  • A sophisticated convex curve of three degrees for secure placement and paper insert
  • ADA compliance with raised text, Braille and appropriate spacing to meet guidelines
  • Sustainable and recyclable materials for environmentally-friendly disposal

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