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Projecting Signage. 3 Reasons to Love & 4 Tips for Great Results

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The projecting sign could arguably be the best type of sign. 

3 Reasons Why We Love Projecting Signage: 

  1. Space saving in big cities where you can’t do a monument sign with double the branding real estate because it’s double sided

  2. Installed directly onto your building (ideally near the entrance) which results in natural wayfinding

  3. Opportunity for eye catching graphics with branding in vertical orientation and the opportunity to integrate some historical aspects (something a little different is usually more noticeable). 

4 Tips To A Great Projecting Sign: 

1. Great design needs to include a smart logo and/or copy.

These are vertically oriented signs. Keep in mind your logo and/or name needs to be purposely designed to be vertical. Not all names/logos work well on this type of sign. Try the graphics a few different ways, maybe making visitors turn their head sideways to read isn’t the best...but maybe it is? 

2. Double the sides, double the fun.

The return on investment for this type of sign is great just due to the fact that you are able to represent your brand on BOTH sides, from two directions. Keep this in mind with your client’s logo/name/graphics. 

3. Keep visibility at the forefront. 


This type of sign naturally has a great viewing distance, due to the projection of it and it’s raised elevation. Thus, copy and graphics may need to be larger in size so it can be properly viewed at the distance it needs to be. 

4. Installation is key. Hire a great team. 


This can be a little trickier but with proper planning it’ll be a breeze.  Depending on the size, the mounting must tie into the building structure. This is due to the nature of this type of sign, wind load effects projecting signs differently because it effects both sides. Brackets and bracing need more attention and reinforcement than other types of signs.
Installation and busy streets, blocking streets in busy suburban. With great planning and coordination the onsite install is typically quick with mounting templates and anchor bolts.

Pro Tip: Always remember to check with local sign code prior to design and fabrication of all signage.

*Special "thanks" to ASI Signage, New Orleans and ASI Signage, Latimer Group for sharing their install pictures with us!

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