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Don't be lost and afraid. Wayfinding signs.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Do you like experiencing new cities? Soaking it all in? 
Does getting lost ruin an experience for you?

That is why Wayfinding signs are SO important. They enhance your experience by making visitors feel more comfortable and confident in unknown surroundings. Guiding people to main attractions, parking garages, etc. is very important, especially if you’re wanting people to come back. Just like going into a retail store, opinions are made of a space by how easily one can navigate their surroundings. 

There’s a lot of work in design and planning before a single sign gets produced. We're going to fast forward all of that to show you some great custom Wayfinding signage that is currently going through production. Each sign type is carefully designed for the precise location in the city where it will be installed. Check them out!

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