ImageFirst is a leading wholesale manufacturer of exterior architectural and commercial aluminum signage, including illuminated signs (both pylon and directional), post and panel, monument signs, and even custom sign systems.


  • Durable heavy-gauge aluminum and rock-solid construction
  • Standard extruded and/or custom shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Long-lasting, low-VOC acrylic polyurethane paint finish
  • Various illumination options: LED, fluorescent, and solar
  • 1-year limited warranty

Illuminated Signs

ImageFirst illuminated signs help provide effective primary site identification and wayfinding during both day and night-time hours. Internal illumination can be via LED units or fluorescent lamps and are flexible and customizable to your specific needs.

Modular panels and CNC-Cut Copy

Changeable panels can be achieved in a variety of materials & configurations, including flush aluminum sliding panels, framed sliding panels, Pronto-Tracks with standard plastic letters and blind-studded aluminum panels. CNC-cut aluminum panels are available with plastic backed copy, flush-thru or push-thru copy in several thicknesses.

Post and Panel

ImageFirst fiberglass post and panel sign systems are great for site identification, wayfinding and directional signage applications. These are available in numerous configurations such as double post, flat, wall and ceiling-mount. These signs can be customized with decorative posts, caps, uniquely-shaped toppers and panels, and specialty paint finishes. In addition, these signs can be illuminated as well.

Monument and Pylon Signs

ImageFirst monument and pylon signs create attractive signage with monolithic, monument styling for primary site identification, directions, and information. This construction features clean edge treatments and countersunk (tamper-resistant) fasteners. Removable access panels are built to accommodate the maintenance of electrical components.