Dimensional Letters & Logos

Style options:

  • Flat-cut aluminum, acrylic and foam
  • Fabricated aluminum in various depths: ¾” up to 12” deep
  • Face-lit channel letters illuminated with LED modules
  • Reverse channel (halo-lit) illuminated with LED modules

Finishes range from painted satin finish, brushed aluminum, pre-finished coil stock color/finishes, and custom faux paints.

Illumination can be in single color LED or even color-changing and programmable RGB LED modules. All methods are UL listed once shipped to your destination.

Wholesale Channel Letter

ImageFirst™channel letters are manufactured to your specification and design using our automated equipment and quality materials. We typically use LED illumination to ensure efficient, reliable operation, and to make your customer’s brand identity unique and noticeable. From face-lit to back-lit or extreme customization, ImageFirst has the expertise to ensure your channel letter project is a success.