Custom Design

Trust the experts.

When it comes to your image, why trust anyone but experienced professionals? Our in-house design and planning ensure your project runs smoothly. We can either use your design to engineer a cost-effective solution, or our design team can take you from concept to completion.

ImageFirst™ has a wide variety of standard aluminum extrusion profiles, which offer a tremendous amount of flexibility while maintaining durability and functionality. Some of these proprietary standard extrusions range from 2” to over 17”, but we do have the ability to modify or create new profiles to fit your specific application.

Our goal is to keep the design team available to meet deadlines with your orders. Hours matter, we want your projects to be manufactured as efficiently as possible.

Design Policy/Fee Update as of September 1, 2021:

*No charges for drawings on ordered products, like usual, this hasn’t changed.
*We created a drawing for you, but it wasn't ordered within 30 days. Clients will be billed $125/hour for the hours of design up to that point. This amount will be credited at the time the sign is put into production.
*You need a drawing for a concept, construction, or permitting reasons. Just issue us a PO and we'll advise you of hours and bill you at $125/hour for design services.
*Credit card payment is expected prior to the release of the detailed construction drawings.

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