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ConAgra Foods World Headquarters

ConAgra understood the importance and effect that a new exterior signage solution would have on both visitors and staff in terms of brightening the corporate campus and reinforcing the new brand identity.

Cus­tom Exte­ri­or Sig­nage Helps Rebrand a Glob­al Food Giant

ConA­gra Foods ®, a glob­al com­pa­ny that man­u­fac­tures con­sumer foods that are found in 96% of America’s house­holds, is orga­nized into two busi­ness units: Con­sumer Foods and Com­mer­cial Foods. After a year of mar­ket research, which includ­ed con­sumers, busi­ness pat­terns, and investors, ConA­gra deter­mined the need to improve its cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty recog­ni­tion through­out the busi­ness and con­sumer marketplace.

In ear­ly 2010, ConA­gra Foods embarked upon a com­plete brand iden­ti­ty over­haul to bring all of its brands under one logo and tagline, ConA­gra Foods — Food You Love.” The new brand includes a new logo bug, which is a bowl and spoon, along with a soft­er, more con­sumer-focused font

ConA­gra under­stood the impor­tance and effect that a new exte­ri­or sig­nage solu­tion would have on both vis­i­tors and staff in terms of bright­en­ing the cor­po­rate cam­pus and rein­forc­ing the new brand identity.

About the Solution

ConA­gra con­sult­ed with ASI through­out the rebrand­ing process and turned to ASI to engi­neer, fab­ri­cate and imple­ment the com­plete cus­tom exte­ri­or solu­tion. In order to with­stand the weath­er con­di­tions of the Mid­west, which range from frigid win­ters to sum­mer tem­per­a­tures that reach 100°, ASI engi­neered a durable, high­ly-cus­tom alu­minum solu­tion that is inter­nal­ly illu­mi­nat­ed to ensure peo­ple can find their way through­out the cor­po­rate cam­pus any time of the day. The cus­tom curved-faced design fea­tures push thru graph­ics to ensure easy ser­vice and main­te­nance as needed.

In order to com­plete the instal­la­tion, the exist­ing exte­ri­or sig­nage bases had to be mod­i­fied to receive the new mon­um­net signs.

Image­First™ man­u­fac­tured this com­plete solu­tion which includes a curved-face, dou­ble-sided 20’ wide x 7’ high main ID sign with inter­nal illu­mi­na­tion and sev­er­al build­ing IDs. Each sign includes the new logo, col­or scheme, and the tagline food you love.” The build­ing IDs each have a dif­fer­ent col­ored pro­ject­ing numer­ic accent and effec­tive­ly guide vis­i­tors and staff to the right build­ing on the ConA­gra campus.

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Cus­tom Alu­minum Exte­ri­or Signage

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ASI Sig­nage Inno­va­tions, Nebraska

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