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April 2022

4 Reasons Rusted Aluminum is Better Than Steel & Our Process in Under 4 Minutes

Video: Faux Corten in under 4 minutes, our 3 day manufacturing process in under 4 minutes. AND 4 reasons using aluminum is better than steel.

  1. Alu­minum is lighter weight. This makes for a slick­er instal­la­tion with min­i­mal labor and light-duty machin­ery which means sav­ing mon­ey. Also cheap­er to ship if ship­ping is needed. 
  2. Rust­ed alu­minum is a more durable fin­ish. Once this prod­uct is clear coat­ed the RUST­ING PROCESS STOPS. The prod­uct does NOT con­tin­ue to degrade over time as steel would. 
  3. More cus­tomiza­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties with alu­minum. Alu­minum is more flex­i­ble, so more oppor­tu­ni­ties for rout­ing, bend­ing, illu­mi­nat­ing, etc. No torch­es, water jet saws, or welders are needed.
  4. The clear coat on the rust­ed alu­minum is more van­dal resis­tant than a rust­ed steel fin­ish. The final clear coat used on the rust­ed alu­minum prod­uct seals the mate­r­i­al, the col­or, the fin­ish, and every­thing stops. This coat­ing also makes it eas­i­er (than rust­ed steel) to clean the fin­ish if needed.

More infor­ma­tion on alu­minum and steel for sig­nage man­u­fac­tur­ing. 
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