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July 2020

Outdoor Signs: Don't want to miss a single detail? A checklist for sign experts.

A Pre-Design Checklist for Sign Experts at On-Site Meetings.

You’re the expert, make sure you don’t for­get any of the details with this handy down­load­able checklist.

Exte­ri­or sig­nage is hard. There are so many tech­ni­cal details to con­sid­er before design­ing and choos­ing an end prod­uct that will achieve your client’s goals. From wall con­di­tion to elec­tri­cal loca­tions to whip lengths to stag­ing loca­tions. This list will save you time by not for­get­ting the details. 


Sign Code:

Know your wall area, local zon­ing reg­u­la­tions to cal­cu­late the size of the sign and set back. Help­ful reminders for sign allowance, fees, and quan­ti­ties request­ed by your client. So you can take all this infor­ma­tion back and make sure that your client’s wants, fit with the local code. OR have this infor­ma­tion fig­ured out before your meet­ing, I bet your com­peti­tor didn’t think of that. 

Wall Con­di­tion for Build­ing Signs: 

The con­di­tion and access of the wall/​building is very impor­tant to your sig­nage options. If there is no access behind your install loca­tion, a race-way to hide your pow­er sup­ply is ide­al. If there is suf­fi­cient access the wall is your oys­ter, design away (with­in code, of course). 

Elec­tri­cal for Out­door Signs: 

Iden­ti­fy loca­tion and sup­ply details while on site (no need for a sec­ond trip). Ensure whip length fits the project and the pow­er con­trol set­ting is what the client wants.

Instal­la­tion Specifics for Signs:

The instal­la­tion crew needs spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion for an effi­cient install includ­ing instal­la­tion loca­tion, ele­va­tions for mount­ing height, stag­ing areas, and wall access.

How did we deter­mine what sign details were important? 

We worked with vet­er­an sales expert Bryce Carl­son in Iowa City, Iowa to com­pile this detailed check­list. Then we had some new­er” (35 year sales experts) review to make sure we cov­ered every­thing. Our goal is to help make your job eas­i­er and be here to help when­ev­er you need it. 

Here was their feedback: 

This would be help­ful now, not just for when I was a new rep.” Justin Hart, ASI Nebraska 

This is great! I usu­al­ly for­get one of these things so this would be a huge help.” Justin Halver­son, ASI Colorado

We hope this tool helps you. When you cov­er these items with your client ear­ly, it makes it eas­i­er for every­one involved to expe­dite the design, pro­duc­tion, and instal­la­tion phas­es of any exte­ri­or signage. 

Have sign ques­tions or just want to chat this over? We’re here!