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Flex Face Hawkeye at Big 10 Stadium

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Outdoor Signage and Why Flex Face Worked at Kinnick Stadium

4 Reasons a Flex Face Sign Was a Great Solution for this Project:  

  1. Size. This sign is 22' high by 36' wide. At this size, using aluminum would produce multiple seams that have the potential to leak light over time. We'll have none of that!
  2. Install location. This Hawkeye was installed roughly 5 stories up. Flex face is a much lighter weight option than aluminum, lexan, or fiberglass.
  3. Illumination. The Hawkeye will be lit from edge to edge (no trim caps). And using a 3M Panaflex substrate with 3M Black Dual Film (6 year warranty on these 3M products) overlay allows for a black face during the day and white illumination at night.
  4. Environment. It’s installed in Iowa City. Iowa. 5 stories up. It’s cold, it’s hot, and at 5 stories up there is more wind speed per square foot. With this product's flexibility, it can expand and contract as much as it needs to for the environment. 


In case you missed it, here are 3 of 7 reasons you might want to consider a flex face sign. To see the full list visit our “What is flex face and when to consider it for a project” blog

  1. You’re under the gun and you have a short turnaround time. 
  2. Tricky installation environment (physically and/or seasonally).
  3. You gotta go big, or go home. 

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