Case Studies

Big Signage for a Big 12 University

Coordinating knife plates and tap mounted signage to ensure smooth installation. Partnering with ASI Signage, Iowa we supplied dimensional lettering for Iowa State University to be attached to a new walking bridge over University Avenue.

For Iowa State fans, dodg­ing traf­fic on the way to the game is a thing of the past. A new open air bridge was built with a per­fo­rat­ed pan­el sys­tem and spans about a quar­ter of a mile over Uni­ver­si­ty Boule­vard, a main road through cam­pus that leads to ath­let­ic venues. Our team worked with our friends at ASI Sig­nage Inno­va­tions in Iowa to plan and man­u­fac­ture a 4-foot tall Iowa State Uni­ver­si­ty” word­mark along with 4 I State” logos.

Manufacturing Channel Letters and Logos

The 4-foot tall let­ters and 9-foot tall logos were cre­at­ed 70 miles from their final instal­la­tion in Ames at our whole­sale man­u­fac­tur­ing facil­i­ty in Grin­nell, Iowa. The face-lit let­ters took about 16 weeks to com­plete and were ready for their sum­mer instal­la­tion on the 9-foot per­fo­rat­ed pan­els while the 4 I-State” logos are installed on stone pillars. 

Engineering For A Precise Signage Installation

The sig­nage was built for an effi­cient instal­la­tion. We coor­di­nat­ed lane clo­sures and instal­la­tion phas­es, so that as soon as the let­ters arrived they would be installed right away. For the let­ter­ing, our team pro­vid­ed place­ment loca­tions of our mount­ing clips on the back of the let­ters to the gen­er­al con­trac­tor who weld­ed knife plates on the struc­ture. This allowed for ease of mount­ing in the field. 

Need­less to say, the details are key on an instal­la­tion pro­gram like this one. Just one missed mea­sure­ment could lead to a lot of trou­ble with the instal­la­tion. Our col­lab­o­ra­tive approach with our client and the gen­er­al con­trac­tor made it an effi­cient installation.

The 4 I-State” logos were installed using Tap­con on each stone pil­lar using large heavy-duty tem­plates, which were pre­pared pri­or to installation. 

Finished Signage Project

Coor­di­nat­ing the let­ter design, instal­la­tion plan, and engi­neer­ing the struc­tures for their envi­ron­ment all lead to a smooth install and longevi­ty of the prod­uct. These are key com­po­nents of every project we work on. We appre­ci­ate the trust our friends at ASI Iowa have in us to accom­plish this successfully.

If you have a spe­cial­ty sign project that’s over­sized, has an intri­cate design, or needs to be installed on a unique sur­face, we can help! Being your part­ner for whole­sale sign man­u­fac­tur­ing is what we do.

(*image below does not have all logos installed yet)