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Routed Letters 101

Let it shine! Using routed lettering on a sign is the best way to have great illumination. Here's the 3 main types of lettering for any routed sign.

Most of the signs that we make are made from alu­minum and we ref­er­ence that below. How­ev­er, you can also do this with oth­er mate­ri­als (wood, faux corten steel, acrylic, poly­car­bon­ate, etc.)

Here are the 3 main types of rout­ed let­ter­ing using acrylic. 

  1. Backed: Let­ter is rout­ed out of alu­minum (typ­i­cal­ly) and backed with acrylic. There is a small reveal along the edge of the alu­minum where the let­ter has been cut out of the face of the sign. 

  2. Flush: Acrylic is CNC rout­ed then placed behind the rout­ed alu­minum pan­el and secured. The acrylic has a shoul­der rout­ed to a depth that allows the face of the let­ter to be flush with the face of the aluminum. 

  3. Push Through: Sim­i­lar to flush, where the acrylic is CNC rout­ed, how­ev­er, the thick­ness of the let­ter is much greater than the alu­minum so that the let­ter pro­trudes from the plane of the alu­minum face. The thick­ness of this acrylic is depen­dent on the amount of push-through you’d like to reach. Typ­i­cal depths of push through let­ters range from ¼” - ¾” on aver­age. Push through let­ter­ing also allows for vinyl or lam­i­nate over­lays on the let­ter for achiev­ing a col­or with a halo illumination. 

👉🏻Pro Tip: Always remem­ber to check with local sign code pri­or to design and fab­ri­ca­tion of all exte­ri­or signage.

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