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April 2021

What electrical requirements do you need to know for a new sign?

Our most Frequently Asked Questions during design and manufacturing of our partner’s signage are directly related to electrical needs. Here's what you need to know, no more, no less.

Make sure you and/​or your client are ready to hook up their new sign as soon as it lands on site for instal­la­tion. Here are two ques­tions that you’ll always have the answer to and make sign installs slick for your clients. 

When you’re meet­ing with your clients, ensure they are set up for suc­cess with these two easy answers to their elec­tri­cal needs: 

  1. Run either 120 or 277 volt pow­er to the sign. Your sign will be able to run on either 120 volt or 277 volt, is already there, or let your client decide. 

  2. A 20 amp ded­i­cat­ed cir­cuit break­er will work in most sit­u­a­tions. LEDs are used on almost every appli­ca­tion and the amper­age need­ed to run the sign is typ­i­cal­ly quite low.

    Signage Electrical Requirements Infographic