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Favorite Signs of 2018

Monday, February 25, 2019

Four Sweet Signs and a Donor Wall = Our Favorite Signs, 2018 edition

Here we are in 2019 and while we’re looking forward to another great year of creative projects, great clients, and growth, we’d like to take a minute to check out just a few of our favorite signs from 2018.

So, in no particular order:


This monument sign was part of a larger rebranding project. This sign was engineered to fit over the top of the previous stone monument sign which helped save time and money by avoiding demo or removal. The (very detailed) logo is stood off and back-lit with white LEDs

It’s an electric guitar, of course it’s going to be at the top of our list of favorite signs! This 22 foot wide guitar uses flexible LED lighting to achieve that “neon” look and feel. The sign is also a temporary sign so needed to be engineered so that it could safely be installed, removed, and stored between seasons. 

Corten steel has always been popular. But Faux Corten steel made a big push this year. Our production team has mastered the art of making aluminum look like rusted steel and without the mess or residue in the long term of actual rusting steel. Oh, not to mention that the illumination is powered by a solar panel. 

These highly engineered cityscape signs are great for wayfinding. Not only do they look great, but they are also constructed to breakaway if needed to reduce the impact on the footings and make it easier to install a new version in the event it’s needed. 

Donor walls aren’t usually our thing, but when it involves faux corten it is! This illuminated donor wall has accent acrylic layered under the faux corten tree trunks that highlight donor names. What a great and fitting design for a nature center to honor it's donors!

If you have questions, want to learn more about our custom signage, or want to see more pictures (there are more sign types from these projects), please email us! 

We have lots to share, just ask!

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